My Top 10 Discoveries about Moldovan Culture

Since landing here June 7th, I have found many differences amongst the American and Moldovan cultures. Everyone takes their shoes off when entering homes, dogs do not serve as pets but as security guards, and the ladies will wear heels and sandals while hiking. Not to mention, sometimes I feel that I am in a Hip-Hop video with the amount of gold fronts I am exposed to. Dentistry is not quite up to par so many people opt for fillings. Yes, there are many changes that I am getting used to this side of the Atlantic..

These are some smaller examples. Now on to my Top 10:


3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Discoveries about Moldovan Culture

  1. De fiecare data cand vad your short movies, parca ti-as scrie ceva, but then I realize I do not know what to say. Pentru ca intr-un fel ceea ce zici tu acolo, mie mi se pare asa normal, e ca si cum as citi o carte despre romania, dar totul in limba engleza. e extrem de ciudat. And I remember what I felt when I first got to south carolina. The same things you are going through but just the other way around. Dar e funny cand vorbesti in limba romana. e tare funny si ma face sa ma intreb daca asa gandesc oamenii de aici cand ei ma aud pe mine vorbind.

  2. It’s great!!! Patrick, I really enjoy your videos and this one I watched with pleasure!!! I’m thinking of using this video about Top 1 discoveries at an English lesson with some of my older students…. GREAT JOB!! ENJOY YOUR TIME IN MD!

    • Thank you Svetlana! By all means share the video with your students. I definitely feel like it has been some time since last summer and that my impressions have changed a lot but I am glad to be here for sure. Stop in again.

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