Wounded But Not Slain

Since moving to Moldova, to become a PCV, I have been trying to deny the reality that truly exists here. That reality is poverty. Mentally, I go through my day pretending that everything is normal; that I am equal and that we all share the same luxuries. I convince myself that this world is in need of improvements, but only in terms of public works (i.e. canalized water or improved roads). I could never have been so wrong. In the community of Leova, like many other parts of the republic, the problems start at the top and funnel themselves all the way down to its very last citizen. The dismal standard of living, minimal job opportunities, low disposable income, negative physical aesthetics, and lack of motivation engulfing the state are in need of drastic change. I have listened to and witnessed many people who are affected by these deficiencies, and I would like to share that which I have heard with you:

These hardworking people and their loving spirits, do not deserve all in which they lack. It saddens me to my core to experience this on a daily basis. It starts with strong leadership, outside funding, job creation, and, moreover, trust from the countrymen to carry out a rejuvenation plan and stimulate this country’s economy.

They are too smart, too talented, too cultured, and too close to success to let their abilities go to waste.


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