To The Greatest Man I Know..

Starting at 3922 Hull Street, moving to 8041 Kildare Avenue, to Berea, Naperville, Chicago, Columbia, Northbrook, Zapopan, Cricova, and now Leova you have been there for me. Physically, mentally, and most importantly emotionally you have been the best father a child could ask for. I love your personality, morals, work ethic, loving spirit, and knowledge you not only share with me but everyone who enters your life. You are to be celebrated on your 59th year of birth. Mark and I are more than lucky to have a role model such as yourself and we love you dearly for everything that you have given to us. From coaching our baseball and basketball teams, to making (or ordering) food, helping with homework, life, and relationships you are our go-to-guy. No one will ever replace you as number one in my heart. Happy Birthday Dad:


2 thoughts on “To The Greatest Man I Know..

  1. I love you Pat Pat! Happy birhday to Uncle Ralph. This was so sweet. Miss you & love you. You’re an amazing writer.

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