Harness the Ego and Be Free

Your chest feels heavy, heart rate increases, you are stressed, nervous, thinking in everything you have to do by the day’s end, growing impatient. You keep replaying the same conversation, tragic event, disappointment, situation in your mind over and again. It leaves you angry, frustrated, and unfulfilled. You see an “undeserving” colleague get a promotion, a friend buy the new iPhone, you experience someone beautiful reject you, a stranger take your place in line, and you think to yourself… why is this happening to me?

All of these feelings and thoughts can consume our minds for extended periods of time in many different ways and forms. Why?… Why do we allow this?

Sometimes it feels inescapable and unfair. But life does not have to feel like this. It is how you approach and allow yourself to feel in each present moment, which will help guide you to a balanced current state. Once you identify these feelings, positive or negative, you can manipulate them to your advantage:

Great book to read: “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle


2 thoughts on “Harness the Ego and Be Free

  1. Your understanding and conquering of your own ego has definitely helped me start to understand my own. We care a little too much about what other people think. It’s been quite the mental ordeal for me lately, so this vlog definitely relates to me pretty heavily right now. You da man, Och.

    • Thank you brother. These modifications and changes go a long way. Living honest and open never felt so good. Just always thinking in the now really helps me to concentrate on each small task as well. Aim small, miss small. Right? Love Range Brover.

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