Startup Weekend Moldova

The weekend came and went so quickly. I remember arriving through the doors to an open room of tables, sign-up sheets, and guests, to a sea of food and photographers as I moved slowly through the crowd thereafter. For the majority of participants the mission seemed clear: present the best business idea possible to a panel of CEOs and qualified business pros in 54 hours over 3 days for cold hard cash to start a venture.

However, I had 3 seperate goals of my own:

1) To learn how to create a business from scratch.
2) To meet and be coached by incredibly smart and experienced CEOs and business professionals.
3) To practice the art of project management and envision myself in such a role in the future.

After night one, I felt like this:

The idea of helping Moldovan youth find jobs manifested into the company Job It! a service to help get tasks done fast for the most affordable price. On Saturday and Sunday, we created this short video promotion of our business:

The judges and crowd enjoyed the efforts we displayed on Sunday night. Unfortunately, Job It! did not place in the Top 4 of 13. However, we definitely felt that a moral victory was won. We all were damn proud of our project. So much so that we have even considered collaborating in the future on other projects.

After Sunday night, I reviewed my 3 goals. All of them were confirmed and then some. I felt privileged to work with such a passionate group of leaders on a project that was spun out in 2 days flat. We had created a website, YouTube video, demonstration, social media websites, a survey, and gave a great presentation. We triumphed. To be complimented and critiqued by a tough panel was very rewarding, yet humbling in the same sense. Our idea and project still had a long way to go if we ever thought it would be successful, but the practice was invaluable. I went back to my friend and project partner’s house on Sunday night, feeling successful. We really made great progress, especially for a group who met each other on Friday night and worked together each day on approximately 4 hours of rest.

On Monday, I made a final critique of the weekend:

With all this being said… thanks for watching and I cannot express how much Startup Weekend Moldova truly meant to me. I am already looking forward to next year.


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