Timp de Reflectie XV

I recently found myself in a general feeling of unease, being lethargic, agitated, and alone. After taking time away from sports to deal with an exercise related injury, I became pretty sick. With one week in isolation my mood plummeted rather quickly. Too much time left in my own thoughts became quite dangerous. I kept thinking: Why am I here? Where am I, really? Where will this all lead to? Will I ever be happy again? None of this was necessary and none of these provocations manifested into anything positive. Sometimes I really can be my own worst enemy. However, it comes and goes in waves. I am starting to realize that that is life or at least my perception of it and I can ultimately control these feelings for the better.


3 thoughts on “Timp de Reflectie XV

  1. Patrick, you are an amazing young man. You have terrific insight and I enjoy reading your posts with a little lump in my throat. Miss you and love you! I am sooo proud of you! Luanne

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