30 Days Straight: #1

A thirty day storage warehouse of my thoughts and ideas:

  • Lost out on winning $100 for the Super Bowl, but did win 195 Moldovan lei ($16.25) by playing squares. I gambled and bought 25% of the board which paid off. Watched the game in Russian too, without commercials. Thought this one was nasty after watching on YouTube:
  •  I saw a Facebook status yesterday that asked, “If you could go to one place in this moment, anywhere, where would you go?” I sat at my kitchen table with a blank stare for about 10 minutes. I eventually decided on the moon.
  • Ironed my clothes on the kitchen table today, what’s up?
  • My business partner and I are devising a plan for Incubatorul de Afaceri Leova. We are writing a grant to build an IT center in our conference room for the business owners. They need computers, a printer, and office supplies in order to grow their firms. We are devising a list of trainings we will teach to them when it comes to using the computer. For example, we will be assisting them in creating marketing materials, connecting professionally by using social media tools, and preparing financial reports and documents independently to take the slack off of our administrator, Vitalie. Writing the grant is meticulous but each day we are narrowing our focus and solidifying our goals and objectives. Eventually we will be presenting in front of the Peace Corps Small Project Assistance board to acquire approximately $2,500 in aid. I think we’ll win.
  • Back on my feet walking again. My left leg feels like a wet noodle attached to my hip. It is crazy how bad my calf has been cramping up. Give me a month.
  • The three friends I am closest to in Leova all got jobs in the U.S. from May to September. I am happy for them, although them leaving will make my weekends a lot less entertaining. They think I am nuts for being here. They cannot understand why someone who comes from the states would be here. It is hard to explain, believe me. Probably harder for them to understand.
  • Culture shock and jet lag do not exist. People are just dramatic complainers.
  • Watching NBA highlights over cereal, bananas, and coffee in the morning and not being able to play sucks. Shooting around last Thursday with the high schoolers at the Russian school felt great though. Watching them go live sucked.
  • Fear is so stupid. Job, women, dreams, etc. Just tear the bandaid off and get it over with.
  • No idea what is popular in America when it comes to music, shows, current events, etc. I always wait for people to fill me in. Funny thing is I do not really care afterwards. I just nod my head and go back to what I was doing before, not giving one.
  • I have always wanted to rock a red leather jacket.

Jamie Foxx looking fresh.

  • Watching an airport scene in a movie the other night, made me think of my dad when he dropped my off at O’Hare in June. That was tough.
  •  I know about 30 words in Russian, half of them are swear words.
  • Mexican food in America is better than Mexican food in Mexico.
  • Still trying to figure out the big picture. I cannot tell you what I want to do. I kind of want to try everything and you know? I just might.
  • Never been more comfortable being around strangers than in Leova. You can hitchhike anywhere in my district without caution. 10 Moldovan lei (83 cents) for a 30 minute ride.
  • Is Peace Corps really monitoring my site?

4 thoughts on “30 Days Straight: #1

  1. Mexican food in the States IS better than Mexican food in Mexico. Agree 100%.

    Miss you, Pat! Haven’t checked in with you in a while, but I really enjoyed reading this. Hope you’re doing better!

    • Thanks for reading Cyn! I actually am glad that you agree and weren’t pissed that I hated on Mexico’s version of what we excel in making haha. We need to catch up for sure. I have been pretty much all over the place in the last month or so but I will drop you a message soon. Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying life.

  2. “I know about 30 words in Russian, half of them are swear words”-I would say that especially these swear words make you feel you do speak this language.I always knew that if I learned the swear words in French,I would be sure I speak French better,haha.So you with Russian-that’s a really good progress!!

    • Haha thanks Catalina! I know how to say “I don’t speak Russian”, “I don’t understand”, and “I don’t know”, as well. People seem to think that after I say that it is okay for them to begin speaking with me in conversational Russian. I then recycle the limited Russian I know and smile.

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