30 Days Straight: #2

– I paid 300 lei by phone to refill my internet. Unfortunately, I put it all on my mobile. Following instructions for Orange Mobile in Romanian is hard. Good thing is that I will not have to pay my phone bill for about 3 months.

– I underestimate what I am doing all the time.

– Watched 50/50 with Seth Rogen and Justin Gordon-Levitt. Coming from a family with a victim of cancer, I felt inclined to watch. I imagined putting myself in my dad’s shoes throughout the film which made it more powerful. I really liked the movie because I drew so many parallels between myself and Levitt with shades of Rogen. Levitt uses his girl’s shampoo in the shower when his runs low (I’d do that), burns his ex-gf’s painting after discovering that she cheats on him (looked fun and I’d do that for shits), shaves his head during a life-changing moment (done that), stops being so uptight about everything and eats some macaroons with medical marijuana in them (haven’t done this but given the circumstances of my looming death I would indulge). Rogen in the same sense is just THAT friend. Always pushing his buddy to score at the bars, very straightforward, vulgar, offensive, just a  rambling jackass that I, again, relate to. Well done director, great character development.


– The last three hugs I have received were from my business partner Vitalie. He is a swell guy. We do not always hang out or have in-depth conversations, but damn he’s always there for an embrace. I miss getting hugs and giving them. I can be stubborn about shelling them out. They are my strongest currency at this point.

– I spoke with the security guard at the business incubator a lot today about crossword puzzles and why weapons are so easy to purchase in the United States.

– This girl in my English club reminds me of myself in language classes. Really anxious to answer, hogs the floor, has multiple reasons for why what she said was close to what the real answer should have been, acts like a know-it-all. I feel like I am looking in a mirror and I want to slap myself.

– Signing a contract for my new house in Leova. One floor shack, three rooms and one very ghetto kitchen and bathroom combination. I can finally put a picture to the setting I imagined while reading the book 1984 by George Orwell. No gas, no laundry machine, weak water pressure, dingy. Finally… it’s PEACE CORPS TIME!!!


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