30 Days Straight: #4

– I received a haircut and wash for 50 lei ( $4.20)

– 1 kg of ground beef, cheddar cheese, plenty of vegetables: onions, red and yellow peppers, garlic, 8 bananas, 2 jars of tomato sauce, .75 kg bag of unsalted peanuts, loaf of whole grain bread for 183 lei ($15.25)

– We made a lot of progress on our community project today, as we are now finished with the goals and objectives for the IT center, did more research on the history of our community, made a questionnaire to be distributed to the business owners, and only have to review the entire application one more time. The only obstacles after that… translate everything into Romanian.

– Have to meet with the President of our district tomorrow. She is expecting me sometime in the morning and I have a feeling the issue will be concerning capital acquisition. I am not sure if she has heard about the proposal for our building but I cannot imagine her wanting to see me for any other reason. I need to be ready to explain that financing for any project will not come easy and that they will need a solid business plan, community support, and the project must have the potential to be SUSTAINABLE.

– It still seems crazy to me that toilet paper is not discarded in the toilet but in a small waste basket off to the side.

– My plan is to not eat sweets for a good amount of time unless I am hammered or in Chișinau or if a nice lady hands me some fruit filled placinta. I have no control.


– Extending English club for an extra day on Friday. Seeing as how we have been having some great discussions lately while watching Green Street Hooligans with subtitles, I could not resist offering my students one additional lesson.


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