30 Days Straight #6

  • In exactly 7 months, I will see my parents again for the first time in 1 year and a half. In mid-September they will be coming out to visit me in Moldova where we will spend 4 days traveling around the capital of Chișinau, visiting my summer training site and wine capital Cricova, and then visiting my current site in Leova. I plan on bringing my current friends from Moldova along with me to make them feel more comfortable. I worry about the culture and language negatively affecting both of them. It stresses me out a bit because it will be my father’s first time leaving North America and I worry about him. However, I am sure he will do just fine. Thereafter, we plan on traveling for 9 days to Ireland and England. I am very excited to finally get the chance to see where half of my being originates in Ireland and to visit London should be marvelous. I have already begun viewing pictures of the coasts and castles, unreal. I cannot wait for the chance to experience something with my Dad that I never thought imaginable. It is great to have him in my life and I miss him dearly. Furthermore, it will be great to spend time with my step mother Mary. We talk a ton about business and international travel. Her resume blows mine out of the water with all of her business trips abroad. I am actually quite jealous. I believe she mentioned she has been to London three times already (show off). It will be nice to have that time together and build some memories in the process.
  • One of my students asked me what the difference between ‘few’ and ‘a few’ was today in class. Any ideas?
  • LeBron will be better than Jordan when it is all said and done. Die hard Bulls fan speaking. The guy is the perfect basketball player. PERFECT.
  • The security guard at our business incubator told me that he believes when Jesus died he did not go to heaven. Instead a UFO dropped in and took him away. Interesting perspective I must say.
  • Tomorrow night I am going to Peace Corps Prom. Maroon pants (check), blazer (uh huh), return of the ‘Ocho’ flask (Ocho grin and check)


  • Valentine’s Day was irrelevant for the first time in 3 years, but I deem that as a positive. I use to secure dates just to do so but lately I have become one picky picky bastard. I have stopped forcing things and putting unnecessary pressure on myself to date ‘someone’. It makes life so much easier and keeps me at a state of control and comfort when I am not pressing. It reminds me of the game of baseball. Just let the ball come to you and knock that baby out the park. I want my life to unfold naturally and when I am in the right situation it will all come to be. I have faith in that because I have faith in myself. I want to invest in myself right now. To become a better person, smarter, hungrier, more attentive, charitable, and to let the dots connect themselves as Steve Jobs once said. I do not want to settle: in life, with women, jobs… everything. I want my feelings to carry me down the path with all and continue to be happy.
  •  Some chocolates would have been real swell though or at least a card like the one Billy Madison received from Principal Anderson.

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