30 Days Straight: #23

– Translated a 7 page business document into the best Romanian I could muster. It was extremely dry to begin with so going through it in another language made me feel like a zombie upon completion. The funniest part is that I am not finished yet. I now have to find a native proofreader to verify everything. I will most likely use my Romanian language tutor, seeing as how I used my friend last time. God I feel bad for her.

– Went to get a haircut, walked though the front door, took off my jacket, turned around, and was interrupted by my stylist. She looked at me and said no. I laughed and said, “no what?” She said it was way too soon for me to get a haircut and that she liked the length of my hair as it was. Unfortunately, it is my head and I have the last say. Get to choppin’! Plus, I am sure she does not mind the money. I took my place in her chair and she reluctantly began cutting. She informed me that she was not going to make me look like a soldier like the other stylist once did. I obliged. She began spotting things all over my head and making fun of me.

“Patrick ai mult par alb!”

“Patrick ai alergie? Ai urticarie pe gât!”

“Nu mi-a placut tunsoare înainte de a plecat în Franța.”

She told me that I had gray hairs growing in, that the back of my neck had a rash and that maybe I have allergies, and that she did not like my haircut before I went to France with a mohawk. Here I was paying to be roasted. She made me laugh as she kept continued snipping away. I was in need of it after my mind went numb staring at the computer for the majority of the morning.

– Realized that I forgot my wallet at the office while waiting in line to pay for 100 lei worth of meat. The butcher, Irina, had cut and prepared everything according to specific orders so I felt like an idiot. I told Irina that I was sorry but I would have to walk back to work to retrieve my money. Irina insisted that I not waste my time and energy, take the meat, and that I could come back tomorrow with the money. It was a really nice gesture on her part and it reminded me that continuing to be nice to employees at places I shop is invaluable. It feels comforting that when I walk in there she greets me with a smile, we chat, and in a case like this, she helps me out in a pinch. What is commendable is that she understands the importance of good customer service. A situation such as this merits loyalty and I will undoubtedly continue to choose her shop over the competition based on our cordial relationship.


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