30 Days Straight: #28

– Rise in chicken feed prices will lead to 60% of the Moldovan poultry industry to go bankrupt in 2013. An estimated 15,000 jobs will be lost and $20 million dollar monthly losses will hit the agricultural industry. Reports say that the existing 40% of producers will dominate the domestic market along with increased poultry imports from the U.S., Brazil, and Ukraine.

– Read a report that the average monthly Moldovan salary is $230 USD. I am assuming that this figure only represents the employed. I guarantee the average Moldovan is earning well below the stated amount.

– Prepared, seasoned, marinaded, barbecued, and devoured lamb chops on this cool crisp Saturday afternoon. Washed it all down with homemade white wine supplied by the neighbors. What was neat about the feast is that the meat was a gift received by my roommate Eughen. He is a doctor at the local hospital and regularly families of patients will supply him with food and bottles of liquor for his hard work.



– A rather scary event took place while eating the lamb chops. After finishing my portions I began taking apart the barbecue when I heard a coughing noise. I looked over and saw my roommate rise up from the table. His eyes became very wide and he put his hand to his throat. He was choking. I rushed towards him and asked if he could breath. He nodded vigorously no. He walked toward the side of the garage and bent over to force out the meat. I began smacking the top of his back to disrupt the blockage. I looked down and saw that his face had turned red and his eyes started to water. My heart started to pound. Realizing it was now necessary I positioned myself behind him to perform the Heimlich maneuver. I interlocked my arms around his chest and began thrusting as hard as I could with a covered fist pushing up under his rib cage. Each time I heard him gasp louder. I was whaling away so hard I thought I would break his ribs. After 5 thrusts I heard him cough and then exhale loudly. The meat flew out onto the sidewalk. Eughen began breathing in and out, turned to me and stated that he saw death. I asked him if he wanted water and he told me instead to pour him a full shot glass of white wine. I obliged and served him. I am very thankful that he made it out okay. The day could have gone a lot different. I am also relieved that skills learned during first aid courses in Berea, Ohio finally paid dividends. Good to know I have that in my back pocket, nonetheless I never want to pull that out again.


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