30 Days Straight: #29

– Taking a shower every three days is not as bad as I once thought it to be. It makes you feel like you’ve really earned it.

– Macklemore does not know crap about being thrift. Bought a 2kg bag of apples today for 15 lei out of the trailer of a rusty fruit truck.

– Leftover lamb kebabs in the fridge, ate them cold. Still awesome.

– I do not care where I live, I just want to love what I do.

– Did realize though that I need to have more access to my loved ones.

– Fantasy baseball draft in 2 weeks. Last year I drafted in Mexico, this year in Moldova via Skype. Too bad I cannot wash down my papas and chile sauce with Tequila coolers under the bright sun on Tocaya’s porch. Instead it will be a dark Kozel beer and the aforementioned apples, most likely.

– Helped my roommate toss out a couple of old mattresses in the street. Came back 10 minutes later and to my surprise they had already vanished.

– I will be bathing in the Prut River after losing my bet.

– Ate an entire package of vanilla creme wafers (20 inside). No control when the sweet tooth strikes especially with a cup of coffee.

– Just got this message from our potential Couchsurfing host in Odessa, Ukraine when my friend Sasha and I go there for April Fool’s:

Hi Patrick,

I can tentatively accept you and Sasha for that time.

There will definitely be partying going on. I say tentative because I’m fighting with some Visa issues and might be forced to leave the country around that time (ironically, to Moldova) but barring that problem, you guys are welcome. Just be ready to drink and party. A bottle or two of the 10 year old Kvint Rashkov DVV brandy would not go amiss either :-P its quite a bit more expensive here and VERY tasty. The DVV is the same as KS (Russified to KC) for Moldovan consumption and is actually a bit smoother than the KS export stuff.

Hope to see you guys!


– Helping a local organization run business seminars this whole week at the business incubator for local aspiring entrepreneurs. Tomorrow’s theme is Financial Management.

– Another person asked me if I was from England. Why I oughtta…

– Did a lot of running and shuffling drills at the outdoor basketball court but the ankle still feels very weak. I cannot dial up from three yet. Step-by-step but the lack of sports and competition is killing me.

– Looking forward to starting Russian tutoring lessons this week. It’s finally here!

– Researched Budapest, Hungary and am looking forward to checking out their thermal spas, taking a cruise on the Danube River, visiting their monument parks, and architecture in July with my cousin and best friend.

– Added The Tipping Point and The Big Short to my book list queue. I am determined to finish the Long Walk this week. 70 pages to go although I have been dragging like crazy on this one.

– Where does motivation come from? Are we born with a certain level of it or is it learned through experience? I was talking about this with my family and it seems that the harder the background you come from and the more determined your parents are, the harder you work. It also helps if you were not handed much but taught to hunt and gather for yourself. Maybe your parents’ motivation compared to yours are mutually exclusive but my personal need for accomplishment stems from observing and admiring my father’s drive growing up. I think some of us enjoy the struggle although we don’t always admit it. It makes the victory that much more rewarding. It sucks eating Ramen, putting 5 dollars of gas in the tank, and cutting it close some months but it also gives us character. However successful we turn out to be we cannot forget who and what got us there. Not sure about you but I will always keep the blue collar tucked under my blazer.


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