30 Days Straight: #30

– I heard news that another Peace Corps volunteer sprained her ankle  after returning from vacation and I instantly got sick to my stomach. I would rather break a bone severely than sprain my left ankle again. It has become a mental injury more than a physical one at this point.

– Signed up to be leader of the orphanage visits for the next year and a half. Looking forward to putting together a series of entertaining visits with both schools in Strașeni. Their kids were insane over the winter but it was the most rewarding experience I have had as a volunteer to date.

– INCREDIBLE English club lesson. I put on Gran Torino (one of my favorite movies) made by Clint Eastwood to be translated and discussed amongst our group of five advanced students and myself. The movie was played in English with English subtitles. I paused the movie after two 20 minute stretches and we picked apart the plot, words, and expressions that the students found difficult. My favorite part was teaching the students tons of slang from the gang scenes when the Asian gang rolled up on the Latin gang.

I taught the students the following expressions/words: being strapped, cuz, chillin’, a bad-ass whip, trippin’, roll up, and to be tight with someone. I had to let them know that these terms were not to be used in formal meetings, but who am I kidding? It would be funny as hell.

– The thing I try to do most with my students is to be real and to treat them like grown ups. They can handle bad words and explicit content. I want them to see me at eye level and speak to me with confidence. I can tell they are enjoying the approach and are becoming more engaged and honest with me in return. Praising them in front of their peers also helps.

– Taco Bell releases the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Seriously, couldn’t wait like 18 months to unveil this item upon my return?! After all I have done for your franchise, shame on you TB.

– I have this sick passion of stalking and trying to imitate my ex-marketing professor’s LinkedIn page. The guy is a class act.

– Potentially buying plane tickets at 7am tomorrow to Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna, Austria, and Bucharest, Romania for a monster trip this July with two righteous people. Abia aștept!

– Putting the finishing touches on the IT Service Center community project. Final submission due Thursday. Wish us luck!

– After 30 days of expressing what is going on in life concerning events, projects, and aspirations I am officially burnt out from journaling. I hope one day I can look back on this, laugh, and understand a lot more about myself during this time period. This whole process of being a Peace Corps volunteer is an opportunity for me to grow and find what it is I need to be happy and successful over the long-term. I do not always love the daily battles, but I know that all of these lessons will teach me something. I hope that in the process I can keep my mind clear, continue to reach out and help others, and become the man I strive to be. Thank you for those who have followed along with me in this journey of self-exploration. I will be back soon.


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