A project which started in the cold, frosty month of February in the capital of Moldova is now receiving its finishing touches as eight volunteers of the Peace Corps in Moldova, otherwise known as the (self-proclaimed) Dream Team, will collaborate with 20 government and business officials to put together the event titled Storytellers. The event will not only celebrate the 20 years of service our organization has realized in country, but also to honestly reflect upon the positive and negative experiences we have had as an organization with our counterparts in order to provide better workable solutions in the future. It is no secret that changes need to be made with regards to mentalities, cultural understanding, sharing knowledge, exhibiting better business practices, building proper organizational infrastructure, demonstrating commitment, and building trust. In a similar format to that of TED speaker events, we will hand the mic over to our special guests and watch in awe as they retell their stories in which they were so passionate in sharing.

The hours we have spent organizing ideas and managing responsibilities in Google Hangouts are countless. Our Gmail inboxes are still being flooded and abused to this minute. Brains are most definitely fried. The grind, however, will not cease until our best possible product is released on August 14th at ASEM in Chișinau from 10:00-15:00.

As a sneak peek to our event, here is one video that we are especially proud of starring RPCV Marlene Lopez who challenged a group of elementary students from her village of Hincești to enter a nationwide video competition. Her recollection and the children’s love and effort radiate from this inspiring and powerful piece:


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