Thanksgiving Abroad

Another year down in Moldova and yet another year of missing one of my favorite American traditions and holidays: Thanksgiving. Nothing makes me feel closer to (or further from) home than the Thanksgiving parties I normally have with the Millers and Purtells. I cannot wait to reunite with you all this summer and hope that each one of you has a great time spending this occasion with one another.

I am thankful for life and all of its nuances. Volunteering in Moldova has taught me to be fortunate for all that I have been given: a warm house, food every day, plenty of interesting projects and events to keep me busy, good health, and local/international friends. There are many currently in country that are without work, family members permanently abroad, without stable salaries, harvesting their daily meals, being exploited, and living without true happiness. Our goal as volunteers has been and will continue to be giving them the means and tools necessary to live a more prosperous life. While I am not going to hand someone a bag of money, I will continue to work overtime to make sure that interested person grasps a new concept, gives something a try, or works out an idea. With the weather changing for the worst many will move into the winter without gas, water channels that may freeze, and disposable income not sufficient enough to buy presents or goods for their loved ones. I try to remind myself each day to be thankful for what I have, opportunity. The United States entitles us to a standard of living many cannot even fathom. We take 15-30 minute showers, drive our own cars to work, eat at restaurants regularly, and throw cash away at bars and on clothes when necessary.  Even if habits are not changed tomorrow, I hope that we can all be conscious of these luxuries we have and be appreciative of them. Going further, I hope our nation can continue to be aware of how far educating others truly goes. Giving a dollar is great, but giving time and bestowing knowledge upon others goes even further.

I wish you and your families the best. Enjoy your holiday and please eat some turkey for me. I love you fam!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Abroad

  1. So true, and well spoken Patrick. We all admire all you volunteers work and effort in Moldova and elsewhere. You make a difference! Hope to see you soon.

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