How to Create an Indiegogo Campaign

This past fall and winter the community of Leova, Moldova and I built a basketball court for the kids in our city. Due to the lack of extracurricular activities, problems with drugs and alcohol, countless hours spent online, and apathy amongst children we decided it was time for a change. We did not have sufficient funds to pay for the materials and labor up-front so we created a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo. After two months of hard-work and determination we were able to receive enough funding to fulfill our project. Please view this “how-to” video to discover the necessities for your campaign:

Three months after receiving funding, we were able to create this basketball court:

Thank you to all donors who contributed to our community’s success:

Elite Donors

Mary & Ralph Miller

Mark & Maria Miller

Vivek Amin

Premium Donors

Allison & Frank Addante

Gustavo Alanis

Jackie Bee

Peter Bremberg

Rob Clendenin

William & Tina Coffey

Kellen Cooney

Sam Jia

Elizabeth Johnson

Karen Kuebel

John McDaniel

Hyung Park

Ankur Patel

Adam Ptacin

Gary Solovyov

Vladimir Tomițsa

Nancy Wiltgen

Honored Donors

Arsen Arutyunov, Anosh Baxter, Alec Carlos, Kevin Carro, JoAnne Cederberg, Ben Coffey, Sam Davis, Marcus Ford, Howard Glenn, Molly Hampton, Luanne Hampton, Lizzie Heath, Joan Hinsdale, Julie Ireland, Joe Kowalczyk, Melissa Kresin, Kyler Laurie, Melissa Liwanag, Carrie Lockhart, Cassandra Lopez, Dan McKeon, Brigid Miller, Taylor Moss, Peter Myers, Claire Newton, Claire O’Brien, Connor O’Halloran, Yash Paliwal, Phillip Panteloukas, Mihir Patel, Samuel Pera, Ellen Purtell, John Purtell, Tom Purtell, Teresa Roche, Mark & Judi Ronan, Scott Sandalow, Ceil Scanlan, Geoffrey Sexton, Debbie Strine, Beni Thelmia, Chris Toy, Jocelyn Varghese, Jake Vyncke, Kyle Webb, Charles Wong, and Lidia Yip


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