Leova Basketball Court makes National News

Thank you to an incredible network of donors from the U.S. and an active local community, the city of Leova was able to raise enough funds to refurbish the local basketball court behind the Russian school. The project took six months to complete and was accomplished primarily through crowdfunding donations on Indiegogo from personal contacts.

An amazing reporter at Publika TV caught wind of the project online last week and granted an interview with the school director and me to understand more clearly how the renewed basketball court came to be. Skip to 32:43 to view the story. For English-speaking viewers I apologize, but the piece was only covered in the Romanian language without subtitles. Hopefully you can catch the spirit through visuals. Thank you again to all of our generous donors!






2 thoughts on “Leova Basketball Court makes National News

  1. The basketball court looks fantastic! wow Pat a lot of hard work really payed off! We are so very proud of all your efforts! Cannot wait to see you in July! Lu and Ken

    • Aunt Lu Lu, I appreciate your words and contributions to the project! We are all very proud of the basketball court here in Leova. I look forward to seeing you and the Hamptons in July! Love, Patrick

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