How to Use Odnoklassniki for Business

Odnoklassniki is a social network for classmates and friends, comparative to Facebook. It was created in Russia and has extended into Eastern Europe. In Moldova, Odnoklassniki is king. In June 2012, Odnoklassniki was reported as being the most popular social network in Moldova with more than 720,000 registered users. There are two strong reasons why Odnoklassniki is first in Moldova. First, the website is extremely simple to navigate, making it especially attractive for citizens in rural areas who have just gained access to the internet. Also, the majority of Moldovans speak Russian, which makes the website familiar and closer to Moldovan heritage than other social networks. Moldovans use Odnoklassniki primarily for communication and gaming, and very rarely for promotional campaigns. In total, Odnoklassniki currently has more than 30 million registered users to entice. The lack of companies on the platform mixed with an abundance of users creates an opportunity for businesses to pursue. The time is ripe to dive in, learn how to do so effectively.


The map demonstrates countries’ prevalence of utilizing Odnoklassniki over competing social media networks. Moldova is represented by the bold orange dot in the center of Europe, directly north of Africa.

Watch the instructional video to learn how you can enter onto the space and begin engaging with future customers:


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