Doing Business in Moldova: Sandra Cavallo

Sandra has worked for almost 20 years in digital communications – first as a freelance consultant, then in the communication departments for many European Union institutions and others organizations across Europe. She is passionate about knowledge management, adult education, and IT as a tool for democracy, transparency, and participation. Since 2013 she has been based…

Timp de Reflectie VIII

Work. Life. Balance. I am starting to find my groove within the company, Entranse, and community, Leova, only one week into Peace Corps service. Please feel free to provide any criticism(s) you may have or ideas you would like me to share moving forward. O zi buna:

Timp de Reflectie IV

Attached is the latest video with a couple of great opportunities that have come my way today. I am very excited and wanted to share this with you.

Timp de Reflectie I

Last night I returned to the village of Cricova from the district and city of Leova. For two days, I was escorted around Leova by the president Efrosinia Gretu, my business partner Vitalie Gargaun, and other staff members of the District Council. I was given the opportunity to visit many different businesses, government buildings, the…

Brita to the Rescue

When you wake up, you brush your teeth, you fill your coffee or teapot, you shave, you wash your face, you push down that hair sticking up in the back of your head, you take a drink to rinse, you use the toilet, and maybe for some of you, you hock back and let out…