Right Way v. Being Flexible

Understanding which projects to implement or specific partners to conduct business with is extremely difficult to gauge for Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova. I have had both incredibly positive and very underwhelming experiences when working on projects with counterparts. All of which have been performed with transparency, integrity, a central focus placed on skills-enhancement, and…


How to Utilize Facebook in Moldova

I have now served two years in Moldova as a small enterprise development volunteer with the Peace Corps. Social media has been the key instrument for marketing and advertisement of any of the institutions, programs, or projects I have worked on, but particularly Facebook. I utilize it to create pages and events; post videos, pictures,…

Timp de Reflectie XVII

Two months of service now remain. I reflect on a day of hosting international guests at the Business Incubator of Leova and detail what life is like in our town.

Quail Eggs and Trust Issues

Over the past three months, I have been working with a local entrepreneur who is growing a quail egg and meat production business in a poor village in the southern region of Moldova. He came to us at Incubatorul de Afaceri Leova in order to receive financial assistance through a small financial grant program managed by…

Bring Your Words to Life

I have a very strong need to communicate with others, more than most. I enjoy hearing people’s voices, seeing faces, learning from others, and getting my point across. Admittedly I can be a pest, though I have acknowledged that many of my colleagues and friends are alike. Over time I have realized that many people…

30 Days Straight: #14,15

– Yet again, I could not stick to writing a post daily but for good reason. – Last night was my friend Slon’s birthday. We began the night by going over to the office building behind our friend Alex’s hardware store. There we had a giant feast with pork chops, sausages, homemade pizza, egg casserole, three…

Timp de Reflectie VIII

Work. Life. Balance. I am starting to find my groove within the company, Entranse, and community, Leova, only one week into Peace Corps service. Please feel free to provide any criticism(s) you may have or ideas you would like me to share moving forward. O zi buna:

Timp de Reflectie V

Today, August 3rd, 2012, I will be giving the commencement speech for the Agribusiness and Rural Business Development program at the swear-in ceremony to become an official Peace Corps Volunteer. The video is the speech I will give translated in both Romanian and English: